Case studies


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A fabricator in the pulp & paper industry supplied DXF files for the cutting of a large, complex part made out of high moly grade stainless steel. During the production preparation,  our programmer noticed dimensional irregularities. The client was immediately notified, the drawings were reviewed, and it was confirmed that several indicated dimensions were incorrect.  By catching this error, we saved the client upwards of $60,000.


A client in the food-processing industry intended to use a 300-series stainless steel to manufacture storage tanks. We suggested a duplex alloy as an alternative to be considered as, among other advantages, it would permit a reduction in material thickness. Also, unlike stainless steel, whose price fluctuates with the price of nickel and chrome, duplex alloys exhibit a more consistent pricing pattern: an advantage in controlling longer-term costs. The client  eventually converted to a duplex alloy for this application after consulting  with a mill metallurgist to determine fabrication and welding procedures.


A client in the commercial sign industry was under pressure from competitors who had access to in-house modern production equipment, giving them efficiency advantages. By partnering its outsourcing of material and processing with SAT, the company was able to reduce its product costs and remain a serious player in a very competitive industry.